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This Nintendo Phone Isn't the NX, But I Still Love These Console-Phone Concepts

What if our beloved gaming consoles chose to step into a new battlefield and introduced their own line of cell phones?

We are all aware of the console war between primarily Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation with the Nintendo NX hoping to jump into the fray soon. It's nothing new when you think about it as we've had several console wars over the years, it's always the same - just different players as the gaming eras changed all who believed they had the best console imaginable.

They all may have made valid points and ultimately if you weren't one of the lucky few to own both warring consoles, you had to settle for (usually) the cheaper option (at least that was always what my parents said).

But what if our beloved gaming consoles chose to step into a new battlefield and introduced their own line of cell phones? It's not as crazy as you may think, conceptual designer Pierre Cerveau was commissioned by Gizmodo to design a smartphone based on the eternally loved Nintendo Game Boy. I present you with:

The Smart Boy

The Smart Boy just oozes nostalgia, and totally brings back the feel of the original Game Boy. Some of the key features are:

  • Expansion slot (inspired by the Game Boy cartridge system) that allows for various components like: additional battery, extra memory, enhanced camera, 3d camera, and more.
  • Power saving "8-Bit" screen mode.
  • Attachable "Game Bat" which acts as a game controller based on the design of the original Nintendo control scheme.

All in all the Smart Boy design looks sleek, and would likely give countless current generation cell phones a run for their money, but what if this were really happening? What could some of the other consoles bring us, well here are a few ideas.

The Atari PCS

Hypothetically if Atari was still in the gaming console war, I could see them developing a cell phone that mirrored their classic Atari 2600 design. Key features would include:

  • Stylish faux-wood finish
  • Hidden capacitive buttons and notification icons.
  • High Resolution dual digital cameras

The Atari PCS would be a must own for any hipster who wants to feel the nostalgia of a system like the 2600. Yet it would still hold the power necessary to compete with other current generation phones as well. It would be a definite conversation piece.

The XPhone

There have been a few conceptual XPhone designs, but I think this is my favorite. Making the Xbox gaming system portable has always been a desire, but with the XPhone it would add practicality and make a bold statement. A few key features would be:

  • Detachable phone from wristband that doubles as an active wear device to track movement and health stats
  • Full touchscreen with built in Kinect features like Voice-Activation and motion controls
  • Connectable to any current generation Xbox controller for mobile play while attached to wrist bracelet

The XPhone may be one of the more unique designs, and any Microsoft Xbox fan would jump at the chance to be able to take their gaming experience mobile with the XPhone.

The Sony Xperia PS

We saw the first PlayStation Certified gaming phone with the Xperia PLAY come and go quickly into the void, but imagine if Sony actually devoted energy into creating an official PlayStation mobile device. Some of it's key features would include:

  • Attachable via mount to standard PS4 controller (USB charging cable connection)
  • Immediate sharing/streaming to any WiFi enable Smart TV.
  • 20MP camera and edge to edge touchscreen

If Sony introduced a smart phone along these lines, Sony would skyrocket as the console and mobile phone developer to beat.

But it's all conceptual, so only the future will tell what we have to look forward to. Most likely these will never hit the market, but it'd be interesting to see.

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This Nintendo Phone Isn't the NX, But I Still Love These Console-Phone Concepts
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