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Three Things 'Destiny' Is Desperately Missing Even With 'Rise of Iron'

Former 'Halo' developer Bungie could quite easily launch quite a few test items in the upcoming 'Destiny' expansion.

Destiny's final year is almost upon us when Rise of Iron launches on September 30th for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. With this final year comes a place where the former Halo developer Bungie could quite easily launch quite a few test items in this upcoming expansion. With Destiny 2 quite possibly already in heavy development, Destiny is getting a decent amount of content to hold us over for a year, much like the expansion Taken King was supposed to do, but in a much bigger way.

Because of this expansion being the final one for this title, it'd be interesting to see what strides Bungie will take in order to make Destiny feel like the RPG hybrid it is. Whether it's guns, armor, or even all of the above, Destiny's a title that could quite easily evolve to become something even more unique in the upcoming months. With Ubisoft's title Tom Clancy's The Division is following a similar route in how it plays, there's a few things that work quite well in it that Bungie could adopt, and even make even more unique than ever with a small Destiny touch in future updates.

Now lets take a look at what Destiny could do to truly break into a new identity and bring replayability back to life? Lets take a look.

Destiny Could Quite Easily Adopt Armor Sets

Armor sets have held a pivotal role in rpg games for well over twenty years. With games such as Diablo, Sacred, World of Warcraft, and even most recently Tom Clancy's The Division placing them front and center, it's hard to not see Bungie take on this approach. With the gear grind already being in place, it would add some interest into the gear that players work for by adding special bonuses, and even perhaps defensive perks. While armor already does this to negate the need for certain bonuses, Destiny's approach to using this could be purely for those who want to PvP or only Raid and run the end-game content.

While armor sets such as the "Desolate" exist, they don't have unique bonuses outside of their appearances, they won't be doing anything special unless they are infused to strengthen them. What if these sets offered players players a chance to gain bonuses against taken or even offered classes a unique perk to their supercharged abilities? Say a set for the Nightstalker added in a perk called "Shadow Spikes," which turned the hunters Shadow Shot into a Chakram that bounced between enemies, and blinded them temporarily.

A subtle change with a three set bonus such as "Shadow Spikes" could quite easily influence players to use their characters role as support class to overcome large groups of enemies as a true support class. At this time, the class is merely used as a decent damage boost for the entire squad. It would make the item grind all the more different as players farm each set that comes into play through either raids or higher end variants added to the already available Prison of Elders.

Tying Destiny's Exotics in to the Traveler's Lore

When it comes to exotics, we imagine weapons of lore. Ones that have rarely been seen across the stars and ones that would be brought to existence by the travelers light. Weapons such as the infamous Gjallarhorn once stood to be hard to find weapons, ones that only a certain amount of players had, and ones that truly remained as the unicorns of the Destiny universe.

With exotics from Destiny: Rise of Iron already surfacing ahead of the expansion, it's curiously odd we aren't seeing ones that are uniquely tied to the traveler, but instead tie to Guardians who have fallen in events not quite explained in past story elements. While many of these weapons are indeed amazing, we could use ones that come from The Traveler itself, and use a Guardian's light in order to power its unique capabilities in combat. Could you imagine your Ghost turning into a handgun and showing a unique prowess in combat in order to push back the darkness?

Destiny Could Use Europa or Titan as New Zones

Even with the upcoming zones Felwinter Peak and Plaguelands, we haven't seen just a whole lot of growth in the universe, and we haven't even made it past planets such as Venus and Mars. This leaves more distant planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and even Neptune as desired places to visit along with their moons.

With the Guardian's fighting their way through the solar system, the Cabal pushing their way into Oryx's domain and sending off a stress beacon to their main fleet - Destiny has a lot to play with. As this happens, it wouldn't be odd to see players visiting these unique zones in future titles, that is unless Destiny sticks to the idea that these planets were dubbed inhospitable due to the constant wars raging on through the universe.

For the time being we will find ourselves stuck to Earth's closest planets and will still have to wonder just what has happened now that our fight with the Taken threat has ended. Now it's time for us to lock and load to once more save Earth from an even more dangerous threat that hid deep within Earth itself. A force that drove the Lords of Iron to almost extinction and calls upon the Vanguard to help rid the world of this new evil.

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Three Things 'Destiny' Is Desperately Missing Even With 'Rise of Iron'
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