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Turn Up for Nostalgia: Here Are the Top 5 Video Game Songs from the '90s

A lot goes into making a good game. The process itself becomes more and more involved as technology shoots forward.

A lot goes into making a good game. The process itself becomes more and more involved as technology shoots forward. What was almost always integral since the start of mainstream gaming has been the music that's come with it. A lot of games have their iconic theme songs that if played in a crowd full of gaming addicts could elicit a whole slew of emotions. With that in mind, I put together five of my personal favorite songs from video games.

5. 'Encounter' - Metal Gear Solid (1998)

When Metal Gear Solid came out in 1998, it was pretty much a must-have for Playstation owners. I'll try to take my rose tinted glasses off but my memory of it was a mix of fond and frustrating. I'd hear the now familiar alert noise (which was my text message alert for a little bit), flinch, and the music starts informing me that I am now in a high stress situation. Should I hide under this tank? Can I shoot my way out of here? Did I remember to save? So many questions, not enough answers, bullets everywhere. Whatever the case, this song was there to tell you that it was time to make moves.

4. 'Guile Theme' - Street Fighter II (1991)

How can this song not be included on this list? It's the song that goes with everything. You know what it goes especially well with? Fighting someone in front of a fighter plane. This song still evokes memories of being destroyed at the arcade (admittedly I wasn't that good at the game) but it was still a fun game. I used Guile a lot which may cause someone to call this a biased choice. Great song though.

3. 'Frog's Theme' - Chrono Trigger (1995)

One of the most epic songs ever composed for a Frog, this song conjures up images of battle and honor and other adventure type stuff. Pretty fitting given the character it was composed for. Frog is a knight with the usual trope of having something to prove to himself and carrying a weight on his heart. That's what made him great and what made this song so perfect for him.

2. 'Opening' - Pokémon Red & Blue (1998)

Ah, the simpler days of not having seven million types of Pokemon. This game ate up a lot of my childhood and I wasn't the only one. This song and its variants over the years has become nothing if not synonymous with the series as a whole. With the limited resources they had on the Gameboy platform, I'd say that they really hit this theme out of the park.

1. 'Those Who Fight' - Final Fantasy 7 (1997)

Fun fact: I got into a physical altercation for saying that I firmly believe that the Final Fantasy VII battle theme is the best in the entire franchise. Granted, this was in middle school and, as we know, hormones and nerd rage don't really mix that well sometimes. Still, into my adulthood I still believe this is one of the best battle themes out there. It heightened the excitement, it was engaging, and has a tune that brings back a lot of good memories for a lot of people.

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Turn Up for Nostalgia: Here Are the Top 5 Video Game Songs from the '90s
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