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Video Game Focus: HUSK Is An Eastern European Take On Silent Hill

Shivercliff is the name of a fictional town in the video game title HUSK.

Shivercliff is the name of a fictional town in the video game title HUSK. Shivercliff - the name alone sends shivers down the bones. It sends a sudden chillness along your spinal cord. But a poster to the game comes with a utterly contrasting caption “a place you’ll never want to leave…" A 90s town filled with luminous street lights, abandoned gas pumps, deformed NPCs and newspapers strewn like a Billie Jean music video doesn't really compliment the caption. It really sends a strong macabre vibe which loosely translates to "a place you’ll never want to visit ever" or "a place you'll never escape in the first place!"


Reminiscent of Alan Wake, HUSK is a first person horror inspired by Silent Hill. A video game in which the town is an ominous being and somewhere nearby a terrible train accident befalls. As victim Matthew Palmer, you go in search of your family lost in the aftermath of the crash.

The developer has teased the P.T-esque game with words such as' Illusions', 'parallel worlds' suggesting Shivercliff to be some sort of 'Elseworld' or just a small town outside the modern realm submerged by small town tattletales and secrecy. Whatever it is, something sinister is looming between the alleyways of Shivercliff. HUSK will be story centric with a twist in the end that could banish all assumptions made throughout the gameplay. Game mechanisms include combat, solving puzzles, assembling and crafting. Combat will be difficult in HUSK. The game will provide you weapons that are difficult to wield and operate. HUSK wants to be a purebred horror game set in a world of scarce supplies and burly monsters, focusing on stealth and exploration, accompanied by artful music and audio cues.






UndeadScout is the independent game studio behind HUSK. This will be their second game and first major title. The studio based in Southern Poland will collaborate with a fellow Polish video game publisher IMGN.PRO for the release of the game. IMGN.PRO is the developer of survival horror video game Kholat and also released Superhot which was one of my favourite short games of 2016.

Poland has been churning out amazing video game titles over the years - Call of Juarez, Dead Island, Dying Light, Layers of Fear, Shadow Warrior, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Hard West, This War of Mine and The Witcher series. The greatest video game ever will also be created in Poland by CD Projekt RED - Cyberpunk 2077. Thanks Poland :)

HUSK will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One when released.

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Video Game Focus: HUSK Is An Eastern European Take On Silent Hill
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