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Wired Productions And Take This Team Up To Tackle Mental Health In 'The Town of Light'

'The Town of Light' by Wired Productions joins the ever-growing library of games that focus on mental health.

[Credit: Wired Productions]

Mental Health is a tough topic. It's one that's not widely discussed, within or outside of the gaming industry. But that's slowly changing thanks to games like Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, Alice: Madness Returns for schizophrenia, and Actual Sunlight. Joining the ever-growing library of games that focus on mental health is The Town of Light, a title that released last winter, fell under the radar for most but remains highly regarded by those who did play it.

The team behind the game has been working heavily with mental health charities such as Take This in order to raise awareness within the gaming community. Take This advocates have been working hard at conventions such as the Penny Arcade Expo in order to offer "safe places" during such busy conventions and expositions for those who have mental health or emotional issues. In their locations during the events, Take this has offered a place where sufferers can find a place of peace and tranquility as they seek to calm down during such hectic shows. So who exactly is behind Take this?

Why Take This is so important.


Take This was formed by veteran journalists Russ Pitts (former Polygon), Susan Arendt (GamesRadar+, former Joystiq) and psychologist Dr. Mark Kline, Psy.D. after the tragic suicide of a colleague. The charity is a non-profit group, one that seeks to raise awareness and to let gamers know, as the The Legend of Zelda once told us, "It's dangerous to go alone."

Their venture is one that seeks to inform and educate the community about mental disorders, mental illness prevention, and also to help alleviate the detrimental stigma surrounding mental illness.

The team offers intervention to those who need it, but they also have begun to explore even more effective methods of helping employees within the industry in order to promote healthier and more productive work environments.

So where does 'The Town of Light' come into play?

[Credit: and Wired Productions]

To help promote the game and raise awareness about mental health, Wired Productions has announced that they will be donating 25% from each purchase of The Town of Light to Take This and fellow mental health charities.

If you prefer to donate directly to you can visit Take This through their official website at

With the help of charities like these, it's extremely important that us gamers open up and realize we don't need to suffer in silence.

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Wired Productions And Take This Team Up To Tackle Mental Health In 'The Town of Light'
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