Milica Markovic5 hours ago
My Favourite Fan Artworks (Part One)
I've always wanted to be an artist, but never really had the aptitude for illustration or painting. Despite this, I inherited a great appreciation for art from both my parents. My appreciation definit...
Daniel Mi7 hours ago
'Cuphead' - A Gaming Masterpiece
For those who are looking for a truly unique gaming experience, this is for you! Cuphead by StudioMDHR (available only on PC and Xbox One for 25 dollars) is a game that revolves around two charming ch...
The Next EA 'Star Wars' Game
If you’re like me and you enjoy video games that you can dive deep into the story and game play, you might be looking for the same thing when it comes to the next Star Wars game EA makes. I’ve played ...
The 10 Worst Movies Based on Video Games Ever Made
Movie producers take inspiration from just about every facet of life. They have made movies about serial killers, movies based on comic books, and also movies based on urban legends. With the advent o...
Lynne Rush2 days ago
7 Video Games that Took on Heavy Issues
Sometimes video games are delightful colors that bop around the screen and amuse. Sometimes video games hit us with incredibly difficult topics that punch us in the gut so hard we have to pause and th...
Neal Litherland2 days ago
5 Tips for Playing Better Witches
There are Powers beyond the world we know, beings who tread the spaces between the realms, and who exist in places known only to half-mad scholars. Mysterious and distant though they may be, there are...
Kyle Øashu6 days ago
Top 10 Nintendo Direct Announcements (September 2018)
On September 13th Nintendo blessed its fans with a half-hour long video updating us on their recent projects, some we knew of and some completely unheard of. Today it is my pleasure to show you the 10...
Fetch Walker14 days ago
'A Way Out' Needs Another Way Out
The emotional rollercoaster ride that was A Way Out (developed by Hazelight Studios and published as an EA Original) warmed and broke the hearts of many as players teamed up with a friend to escape pr...
Connor Wilcox22 days ago
Top 10 Competitive Pokémon
Pokémon is a complex game with many different combinations and strategies to master the hardest of these being competitive play. If we put the hard to master EV and IV training aside for a minute we c...
Neal Litherlanda month ago
5 Tips for Playing Better Warlocks
There are some who are born with arcane power pulsing through their veins. Others for whom that power is earned through hard work and tireless study. For those who lack the former, and who do not wish...
Katie Marchbanka month ago
10 Worst Switch Games So Far
If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with my Nintendo Switch. I love the little system; getting to play current gen games on both the big screen and in my hands is an awesome feature. The Switch...
Peter Ellisa month ago
'Life Is Strange': The Game That Broke Me
In the early days of 2018, a little game called Life Is Strange popped up as a freebie on PlayStation Plus. Incapable of saying no to something free (except STDs), I gave it a go. For those of you who...
Nintendo Nerds
Nintendo is what Genesis isn't. Kirby, Mario, Pikachu, and beyond; all about the creators of our favorite games.
Industry Evolution
The past, present, and future of gaming. An honest look at the evolution of the industry.
Gaming IRL
When the virtual world becomes a reality. Gaming, in real life.
Emily Milner13 days ago
Feelings About Futaba of 'Persona 5'
There’s gonna be spoilers about this game (Persona 5) in this post. So, if that’s important to you, be aware. I’ll be talking mostly about the 4th dungeon and such. Anyways, so I’ve been playing a lot...
Connor Wilcox15 days ago
Top 10 New Features for 'Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee'
The new Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch were announced a few months ago, however there are new features being announced each month and the game is now vastly different from the original Pokemon ...
Cermit 23 days ago
Molag Bal - 'Elder Scrolls'
You engage with Molag Bal when you come across two men talking outside a house in Markarth. One of the men ask you to join them inside the abandoned house to investigate. You then begin the quest, “Ho...
Rie Sonomura5 days ago
Nintendo Wii U Games That I'd Like to See Receive a Switch Port
A few weeks after the announcement of Nintendo's most successful video game console to date, the Switch, its predecessor, the Wii U, had officially been discontinued just a few months short of its fif...
Kyle Øashu6 days ago
Top 10 Nintendo Direct Announcements (September 2018)
On September 13th Nintendo blessed its fans with a half-hour long video updating us on their recent projects, some we knew of and some completely unheard of. Today it is my pleasure to show you the 10...
Most Popular Games for Switch Players
Nintendo consoles always seem to be in a league of their own. With proprietary series like Donkey Kong and Super Smash Bros, Nintendo has been the reigning champion of party games. On the flip side, N...
Bradley Howe2 days ago
The Chaotic Gamer Reviews: 'Spiderman'
As a youngster, I grew up reading my old man's comic books from the 60s and 70s. Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. Like many millennials and 90s kids, the one that stood out the most for me was S...
Andy De La Rosa8 days ago
'South Park: The Stick of Truth'
My Gaming Experiences: Mini Game-Review
Colin Kowal12 days ago
My Favourite Games Based on Films
I recently wrote an article about if some of my favourite games would translate to make good films. Just as video game movies have a poor reputation, there have been some awful video games based on mo...
Alex Smith2 days ago
Top 10 Songs in the 'Undertale' Soundtrack
Video game soundtracks are getting better in quality and gamers like myself are noticing. The video game Undertale is no exception. While the game doesn't have good graphics like Last of Us or Detroit...
Lewis Wilsona month ago
The Trouble with Telltale
Picture this: It's March 2011. You're a young, bright-eyed gamer, and you see two episodes of a game based on one of your favourite movies of all time, Back to the Future. You convince your mum to fin...
Serena Floresa month ago
Humans and AI: Where’s the Line?
Detroit: Become Human, released on May 25, 2018, is a video game based off of a short film that was made back in 2012 called “Kara.” This short film took place in what could’ve been assumed to be a fa...
Pokémon Pat18 days ago
3 Essential Products to Protect Your Pokémon Cards
Everybody had a time in their life where they had a few dozen Pokémon cards, right? I bet if you thought about it hard enough, you could remember the exact place that they’re hiding. Maybe they’re in ...
Earl Greya month ago
'Dungeons and Dragons': Getting Started
So you’re new to being a Dungeon Master / Game Master? Don’t know where to get started? Well here’s a guide on what you can do!
Earl Greya month ago
'Dungeons and Dragons': Dungeon Master Tips!
During the past year I have settled into the role as my group's Dungeon Master, or as I prefer, "Game Master" (well, we’re not ALWAYS in dungeons, are we?). During that time, I have come across a lot ...
Aaron Dennis6 days ago
'ActRaiser' on the SNES
The year was 1991. The SNES had only recently been released in North America. I had been playing the NES for five years. My uncle bought the SNES, and with it, the only game he purchased was ActRaiser...
Nicola P. Young11 days ago
Best Gifts for Retro Gamers
From Legend of Zelda to Pac-Man, the games of our childhood hold up as timeless classics, taking a prominent place in pop culture that we would never have dreamed of as kids playing around at the arca...
Matt Blakea month ago
Obsessed with 'Mega Man'!
Many people have obsessions, and these are forged out of passion, love, and interest. Some common obsessions seem to include that for a sports team, a movie star, or a famous singer. For me, my passio...
Maria Lehew14 days ago
My Second Life
As I cut fabric for a customer, I wonder how I got here. Living in Arizona, in a one bedroom apartment alone and barely surviving, I fold the fabric in neat piles as I cut lengths of different ones wi...
Lewis Wilsona month ago
Why Buy an Xbox One in 2018?
I recently upgraded my graphics card in my PC. I figured it needed an update from the trusty GTX 750 Ti I'd been using for years. So now, I'm officially a member of current gen graphics, even if it's ...
Katy Preena month ago
Game Review – 'Kingdom: Classic'
As part of my research for this review, I have been playing Kingdom non-stop for approximately two weeks. I’ve barely eaten, slept, or even thought of things that aren’t Kingdom during this time. My f...
Kyle Øashu2 days ago
Your Favorite Classic Console Just Got a Downgrade!
Sony has announced its own mini version of their classic original console, the PlayStation 1. The company today announced the PS1 Classic, a mini version of the iconic gray PlayStation. It comes with 20 "generation-defining" games, including Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms, and it launches in December. The PlayStation Classic arrives on December 3, and that's a notable date for anyone interested. It's the exact same day that the original PlayStation launched in 1994 (how nostalgic). The mini ver...
Hugo Clarke6 days ago
Trophies - How They Insult Your Intelligence
Trophies! Most gamers I’ve met love them, and as we tend not to be the most athletic of types it comes as no surprise that being awarded something shiny for once feels… rather good. On some platforms ...
Matteo Everett7 days ago
A Look Back at the Wii
It's easy to scoff at the Wii. Its primary launch title was a pre-packaged compilation of family-friendly mini-games which packed a punch but ultimately lacked the complexity to keep anyone in the pri...
Brian 2 months ago
Becoming a Casual Gamer
I've played video games most of my life and looking back I definitely went through some stages. My earliest memory of gaming was when I was maybe five or six years old. My older brother bought an Atar...
Nancy D7 months ago
2D Arcade Game Review
I found a new 2D arcade game with amazing music that I like to play a little every now and again. It’s decently new—it came out in 2017 and it’s by Nickervision Studios. It’s called Orbt XL and it’s o...
Roddy BW10 months ago
The Real Reason You Loved '90s Arcade Games: No Online Play
Back when I was an early teenager, the best place to play video games was in a video arcade. Now this might sound strange in an era of unprecedented connectivity, but people really did drive to the sh...
Kyle Øashu7 days ago
How 'Spider-Man' (PS4) Revived the Superhero Genre
Now, I understand that everyone is discussing this new exclusive, praising it for the most part because of its solid storytelling to its addicting gameplay, but how could you not? In recent years we'v...
Adam Wallace14 days ago
Forgotten Quests: The "Other" PS1 RPGs
Hello, and welcome back to Silver Linings where I'm on a never-ending quest to find the best of the maligned and forgotten. Last year, when I put together my list of worthwhile RPGs that are exclusive...
Lewis Wilsona month ago
Why Buy an Xbox One in 2018?
I recently upgraded my graphics card in my PC. I figured it needed an update from the trusty GTX 750 Ti I'd been using for years. So now, I'm officially a member of current gen graphics, even if it's ...
Cold Pizza21 days ago
Top 10 Xbox One Exclusives
Some of these exclusives have also been released on PC (windows), but they technically still count as Xbox One exclusives, since it's the only console you can play them on.
Lewis Wilsona month ago
Why Buy an Xbox One in 2018?
I recently upgraded my graphics card in my PC. I figured it needed an update from the trusty GTX 750 Ti I'd been using for years. So now, I'm officially a member of current gen graphics, even if it's ...
Shannon crangle3 months ago
'PUBG' Review
Into the Unknown (part 1) (Writer's Note) Player Unknown' Battleground, shortened to PUBG, is still, as of the writing of this piece, in development for console gamers (PS4 and Xbox One). This review ...
George Cokera month ago
Champion Update: Nunu
Today, I've been hit with a sudden sense of ennui, which here means that I'm writing an article about playing video games cause it feels like I've got nothing better to do. Today, I found out that they're changing Nunu. While part of me is bouncing with excitement like the energetic baby-book protagonist that Nunu has become, another part of me is wistful, perhaps wary even. League of Legends over time has shown that more than anything else, the developers are focused on change. And while change...
Jake Alston3 months ago
'2K and Live:' The Rise and Rise and Rise
I started playing basketball video games around 2013. Y'know, the one where MJ was the cover star? Started with a game between the '92 Bulls and the '92 Hornets? That was when the games used SP, or sk...
Davion Moore3 months ago
The History of 'NBA 2K' Covers
As both a basketball fan and video game fan, it is only natural that both of my interests meet in some way. For several years, NBA 2K has been just that. NBA 2K allows me to combine my love for the ga...