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10 Free Games to Try Today


Making video games is a great hobby, especially when you have complete control of the art and outcome. Since there are so many people with this hobby. There are all kinds of free games to try online.

1. CardHoard

The goal of this game is to stamp and deliver boxes in a warehouse. However instead of actually delivering them you just stomp on them and destroy them. 

You play in a cute arcade Tetris style... except you have the constant fear of being crushed by a huge box.

Try it yourself!

The controls are different than I'm use to so it's a pain to get started... but once you've got the hang of the controls it is a fun little game. 

2. Bridige

Move the blue pipe up and down as needed to keep the the little smiley faces moving along. The cool part of this game os that you can move the pipe while a smiley face is still in it. 

Try Brdige!

One mistake and game over. I personally having trouble playing games with a such a huge lack of forgiveness. 

3. Stein

A free MMO filled with adventure. It's also made in a pixel art style, which I appreciate.

4. Causality

It has a bit of a morbid sense of humour and you may want to consider looking at a walkthrough if you get stuck. However, it is an amazing game! The causality series is one of my personal favourites. So please, give it a try!

5. Pistol Botany

Your a vine with a gun and you shoot little sun like things. The controls are easy on this one... Space to Shoot! 

It's Free!!

Reloading is a bit of a pain =...

6. One Button

The concept of playing a game in a game is cute and the controls are certainly easy to get a hang of. I even like the use of simple graphics.

Try Me!

That game over sound tho :(... make it stop.  

7. Causality 2

If you do end up really getting into the Causality series, then you are in for a treat. They have dozens of versions... even holiday ones. 

8. Femur Fever

Have a friend? This a cute and simple two player game. Just hope no one minds being the pink skull... I mean... red skull. :P

Two Player Game

I have to admit, these two player games have to be less popular than the one player games. 

9. Femur Fever 2.0

Loved Femur Fever? Well I guess other people did too because there an updated downloadable version. 

Downloadable Version

Two player game. 

10. Surfin

The title really does give this game away, all you do is surf. If balance isn't really your thing then I have good news! All you do in this game is jump a waves, lots of waves! It reminds me a lot of flappy bird in terms of it's simplicity and unnecessary challenge. 

Want to try the surfin game?

Not sure why why there is a small jump option, never even saw a small wave.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, please feel free to read my other articles here on Vocal. I write about both personal and political things, so whatever you are looking for, I’ve probably written about it. 

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My blogs and articles can be about anything really... I do write a lot after all. However, I find my self-writing about ADHD, photography and self-help a lot.

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10 Free Games to Try Today
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