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10 Perfect Gifts for Anyone Who Loves 'Mario Kart'


All of the items on this list are from Etsy and some are even handmade. This website also allows you to get really personalized stuff that can seem just perfect sometimes. I am not sponsored by Etsy. These articles promote products in my personal opinion only.

Need to get a present for a friend? Looking for something for yourself? Either way, I have some good news! You have come to the right place, and by 'place' I mean article. As long as you are looking for something Mario Kart related... or maybe just plain Mario related.

Who doesn't love Mario Kart? Even people who don't play video games very often love Mario Kart. It's a great way to get overly competitive and say things that you don't mean to your closest friends. It's also a great way to break the ice at parties! 

No matter who your favourite character to play on Mario Kart is and no matter how new or old of a system you are playing on... this list of awesome items had got your back!! There's an invincibility star, a pin, and some very much overpriced magnets! Don't worry too much, though, not all the items on this list are horrendously overpriced... check out number 7 for a great deal! 

Thank you for checking out this article! :) I hope you find some cool stuff or at least get entertained for a good minute. If you are avoiding doing something else, then you came to the right place! Blogs like these are procrastination stations!

1. Powerup Mushrooms

These cute little mushrooms would be perfect to play hackey-sack games with... especially if you are at Comic Con. They come in green and red!

2. These Overpriced Magnets

They are certainly cute, not to mention very Mario Kart related! It also only lets you buy sets of 3, 6 and 9. I did not want to bother to see how much the set of 9 cost. 

3. A Gift That Makes Your Friends Invincible!

Give the gift of invincibility to your friend! I just can't imagine a better gift. It comes either on a keychain or as a necklace! 

4. This Perfect Pin

I know it might seem kind of weird to give a pin that swears at the receiver... but you have to admit that this pin made you laugh.

I want it... 

5. Some Air Freshener Bananas

This one might require some explanation to your passenger... but I still love it! 

The same guy sells all kinds of nerdy air fresheners! 

6. These Terrifying Charms

What I love about this one is that it's handmade. There's something about handmade items that make them special.

The pictures could be better, though...

7. Something to Put on Your Wall

The thing that amazes me the most about this one is how cheap it is. Only $2.50? How? 

Also, I don't think the artist actually ever made this one... it looks kinda... Photoshopped on there... doesn't it? 

8. Laptop Decal That They Would Actually Put on Their Laptop

Okay, so you got me. This one isn't really from Mario Kart... but it's Mario related! Admit it! You love these decal stickers!

You know you want it! 

9. Yoshi Earrings

I feel like I can hear the sound effect as I look at these. The same artist has all kinds of nerdy earrings too!... but the price, though. :( 

10. This Extremely Nostalgic Night Light

Oh my, this would look perfect on my dresser... if I had room for it.. 

It's still really cool, though!

Best part? One is Mario Kart themed! :D 

It's cool to be a nerd now?

Have you noticed how now it's cool to be a nerd? Well, I don't know about you, but I plan to take full advantage of this! I am going to be so social and keep my interests!! Why not join me? 

The Importance of Fan Stuff

Being a fan of something makes my life feel complete. It gives you a community to join and share your love for something, in my case it's The Legend of Zelda series and I'm pretty proud of it. I love wearing something from Legend of Zelda and having people comment and compliment it. Showing your fandom really helps start up conversations at parties, especially if they share the fandom... and ESPECIALLY if they start the conversation for you. 

Thank you!

Thank you for checking out this article! :) I hope you find some cool stuff or at least get entertained for a good minute. If you are avoiding doing something else, then you came to the right place! Blogs like these are procrastination stations!

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Farm Frenzy is a very simple game... yes, I have become so addicted.

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Join the Adventure

I would really love it if you joined the adventure by reading my blogs. I always make sure to have exciting new content to really make it an adventure! You can always leave feedback on my Facebook page and even send me a message or two. Heck, send me your blog page and we follow each other. Life can get lonely sometimes, so let's try to make things at least a little better by making a little online community.

So what do you say? Want to join the adventure? :) 

About the Author

I studied English Literature at Trent University, but I haven't written many essays since. Sometimes I write about serious and personal topics ... but I mostly write for fun these days. It's a nice change.   

My personal interests include eating pizza, playing video games, and cuddling with my dog. My dog is long haired dachshund and she is an extremely cute dog. I have only recently started playing FPS games, but I have a long history in PC games. When it comes to video games, I’m quite the hipster... but only when it comes to video games. I like popular Indie games and love video games that almost no one had ever heard of.  

Want more of Nancy D?

My blogs and articles can be about anything really... I do write a lot, after all. However, I find myself writing about ADHD, photography, and self-help a lot.

To keep updated on my blogs please feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter @BlogsNancy

Facebook @NancyDBlogs

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