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10 Power Rangers, 5 Villains and 5 Megazords nWay Should Add to 'Power Rangers Legacy War'

nWay's 'Power Rangers Legacy War' started with a good collection of characters for players to choose. Over nearly two years, the roster has increased, but there are plenty left to be added. Here we will look at a collection that need to enter the game.

Who will you take into battle?

Power Rangers Legacy War, by nWay, is a mobile gaming app that allowed fans to do what they always dreamed of—to take control of a team of Rangers and fight other players with their constructed teams from a selection of Rangers and villains. Since it was first released, they have added many features to the game. These include, Megazord League Battles and both Solo and League Raids for the players to engage in. This has resulted in many new Rangers, villains, Megazords and even allies from Street Fighter to be added to the game. 

The One Year Mark

With so much already added, the developers have been smart in how and when to add new character. With no massive rush, Rangers and villains from the various seasons have been plucked and put in the game slowly over time. This has meant some teams are yet to be represented and others only have one or two characters in the game. With so many spots still to be filled and added to the game, here are some prime options nWay should be looking to add. 

The Rangers:

Operation Overdrive Red Ranger

Set for an adventure, Operation Overdrive Red Ranger

None of the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Rangers are yet in the game. The Red Ranger was extremely strong and was a direct fighter. He could act as a close-combat tank to lay in damage and force players into a corner, which is a frustrating battle strategy in the game to combat. 

White Alien Ranger

She was the first female leader of a Ranger team

With so much of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers already in the game, it is surprising the Alien Rangers are not in the mix yet. Delphine, the White Alien Ranger would be the perfect start as she was the first female leader in Power Rangers.

Blue Wind Ranger

A Fluid Fighting Ninja

With only two female Blue Rangers in Power Rangers history, the Blue Wind Ranger was the first, in Power Rangers Ninja Storm, and should enter the game. It is likely as the first Ninja Storm Ranger was recently added to the game and she can offer some fun moves for players to use. 

Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger

She will strike from above and leave you hurting

While there are already two Rangers from Power Rangers Dino Thunder in the game, there is always room for one more. The Dino Thunder Yellow Ranger could allow players to swoop in and strike when she accesses her Super Dino Mode. She could easily be a fast fighter with close and long-range attacks. 

RPM Black Ranger

Strong Both Offensively and Defensively

The Black RPM Ranger was a powerful power Ranger, in the show Power Rangers RPM, and he could created shield that would last for five seconds. He seems like a great option to add and would finally bring more RPM Rangers into the game with a mixture of long-range and defense based moves. 

Ninja Steel Pink

She slices and dices like a shuriken

Only one Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel & Power Ranger Super Ninja Steel has been added so far, and the Pink Ninja Steel Ranger seems like the best option to be added next. With her speed and smarts, it could allow for some fun combos for players to unleash making for quick strikes to weaken opponents. 

S.P.D Red Ranger

He will bring you to justice.

With two auxiliary Rangers from Power Rangers S.P.D already in the game, a core team member needs to be added. The Red Ranger is the obvious choice and could add the S.W.A.T mode for players to activate in combat. With both close-combat and long-range attacks to use, he can easily shake things up in the game. 

Megaforce Blue

Smart and accurate, he will hit his target.

The game has Super Megaforce Yellow and the Robo Knight, but not a single Megaforce core Ranger. The Blue Ranger would be a good choice with his unique chest symbol and crossbow weapon to give long-range attacks. He could be a good Ranger to develop to go against the bow attacks from the Ranger Slayer. 

Hyperforce Black Ranger

She is as dangerous as an angry doberman

The game has already added many characters from the Boom! Studios comics. So why not a member of the role-play game Power Rangers Hyperforce. With her being the first female Black Ranger, she would be the perfect choice to bring attention to this team of Rangers. They can also have fun in what attacks she has as she is relatively unknown. 

White Ranger (1995 Movie)

The Legend of Rangers, Tommy Oliver in the 1995 Movie

The game has added Rangers from all sources of media, including the comics and 2017 Movie. So why not some Rangers from the 1995 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie? Tommy is the natural choice as they seem to be added as many Tommy Rangers into the game as possible. 



The Demon General of Light Speed Rescue

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue may not be at the top of any Ranger fan's list. However, it did hold some gems within it. Vypra was one of them and her addition to the game would make a second Lightspeed Rescue character in the game. With her wings she could bring some fun arial attacks. 


He can't stand Tommy, lets add him to the game!

With so many incarnations of Tommy in the game, you would think some of his rivals would be in there too. So far, Goldar is added. Zeltrax from Power Rangers Dino Thunder is a fantastic villain for his power and strength, but his hatred for Tommy would make him a great character for the game. 


The Youngest Son and One of the Royal Family

One of the first major villains in Power Rangers Super Megaforce, he has a pretty cool design with his wings extended. He could bring some striking attacks that come from any direction. Even if not a massive fan favourite, he would bring a cool design and fun moves into the game for players to deal with. 

Mig and Beglo

The Fury Cats will take out their prey.

This pair of cool looking villains appeared in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. With their more Ranger style, this duo would be a brilliant pair to enter the game. With deadly moves they could also create a special combo move if a player uses them both on their team. 


The Deadliest Villain of Them All

Venjix is the villain that actually succeeded and ended the world. With him being such a prominent villain, you would have thought he would have been added to the game already. He could be a literally powerhouse and his defenses increase during battle. Come on nWay, sort it out and add this amazing villain already. 


Evil Stegozord

One of the Few Megazords That Was Used for Evil

The Megazord fights offer few options for villainous characters to choose from. The Stegozord was one of the few Megazords to battle a good Megazord multiple times. With some cool moves in the show, it is an obvious Megazord to be added and would bring some more villainous options for players. 

Turbo Rescue Megazord

The First Multi-Changing Team of Zords

This massive Megazord from Power Rangers Turbo is perhaps the biggest highlight from the arrangement of suits and Zords in the show. With massive guns and powerful limbs, it took down many monsters with ease. It seems like a pretty good option to please the players for powerful attacks to unleash. 

Astro Delta Megazord

Two Megazords Combined

This mighty Megazord appeared in Power Rangers in Space and was the first to be formed from two Megazords, as apposed to Zords. With gatteling guns and rocket fists, it is easy to see how players would enjoy using this Megazord in the game to unleash some deadly combos. 

Chronos Hyperforce Megazord

The Megazord of the Hypeforce Rangers

With the Black Dragon already added from Boom! Studios comic book series, it seems the Hyperforce Megazord is a good option to add. With it being relatively unknown to the majority, they could have fun coming up with the attacks for this Megazord. It also looks sick, which doesn't hurt at all. 


Goldar's Personal Battle Zord

Cyclopsis was the first true evil Megazord. Piloted by Goldar, it appeared in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and took on their Megazord in battle. With more evil Megazords for the game, why not go back to the original and add Cyclopsis to the game. It would bring another evil Megazord into the game and add some fun slashing attacks for players to use against other Megazords. 

Which Rangers, villains and Megazords do you want to see added to Power Rangers Legacy Wars

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10 Power Rangers, 5 Villains and 5 Megazords nWay Should Add to 'Power Rangers Legacy War'
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