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10 Reasons You Should Start Playing 'Pokémon Go' Again


I've started playing Pokemon go again for the first time in almost two years, and I have some good news...It is worth playing again! 

1. Research Progress

Now you have goals to keep you going. You can earn a stamp once a day for completing a goal, which also have various other rewards. Then after getting seven stamps you get a random Pokemon encounter. The best part is, sometimes these Pokemon encounters are legendary Pokemon. 

2. A Mythical Discovery

Basically, Professor Oak asks you to do a series of stuff and in the end you get a mew. It really ads to the game because it give me more incentive to make small accomplishments. Also, you get experience points from it to help you level up faster. 

3. A Ripple in Time

This one is pretty much the same as the Mew quest except for this one you get a Celebi. The to do list is different, but just as equally challenging. If you haven't played in a long time then you get to do both the Mew quest and the Celebi quest pretty much at the same time. 

4. Meet New People

It's not just students and young people playing pokemon go anymore, there are people of all ages who play the game. The first time I played I didn't meet anyone new, but now I'm actually starting to become a part of the pokemon go community. 

5. Pokemon Buddies

Remember when you would get a cool rare Pokemon...but could never evolve it because when would you catch another one? Well, I have some good news and some bad news for that. The good news is you can choose that Pokemon to be your buddy and evolve it without ever catching another one! The bad news is you need to have a lot of patience for this to work...

6. Trading!

So it took a while, but you can finally trade Pokemon now. It costs a lot of stardust and there are limitations, but it's helping me fill my pokedex.

7. Raids!

I had no idea what a raid was a first and it really overwhelmed me. It turns out that raids are awesome and a great way to meet new people. Basically, raids are something that you need multiple people to do, and if you are strong enough you get a Pokemon at the end. You need at least four people to do a Mew2 raid, so it forces you to work in groups. 

8. Special Events

There's always events with new pokemon to catch in the bulk. I'm always waiting for the next event and wondering what kind of hat pikachu will have again! 

9. New Pokemon!

If you really did catch them all when Pokemon Go first came out, then I have some good news, there's more now! 

10. Less Bugs!

Not bug type Pokemon, there are still plenty of those...but the app itself works a lot better now. I seem to find myself restarting the app about once a month...But I swear that's it. Which is amazing progress from when it first came out. 

Oh and great news, it takes up way less data than it previously did! :) 

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10 Reasons You Should Start Playing 'Pokémon Go' Again
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