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10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Left4Dead2'


Have a love for classics? Left4Dead2 will always be one of the best, so why stop the love now? If you find yourself thinking...hmm...I know a lot of these...then check out number one! That one should peak your fancy.

1. You can spray paint Coach's face onto things.

Only Coach's face though, not anyone else's face. Not that you would want to, Coach is the best. 

  • Just take a look at your control settings to see how it's done on the console your using.

3. If you turn on the boom box at the startles the witch.

Normally, sound doesn't startle can shoot around them all you want. That is, as long as your flashlight is off. However, there is one exception to this rule...The Boom Box! 

5. There are three mini games in Dark Carnival.

It's hard to miss the shooting range that gives you Gnome...but did you know there are two other mini-games nearby? One of them even gives you an achievement, so it's worth the effort if finding them.

7. You can bust open fire extinguishers by shooting it or hitting them with a melee weapon.

I don't think it does anything...the infected don't seem to be upset by it. I just think it's fun to shoot them...and bash them with a golf club.

8. You can crawl through the vents in the Tunnel of Love.

Well... probably knew this one. You probably already know that these "short-cuts" are actually pretty useless too. You might as well just charge through the tunnel.

9. You can find little things everywhere about Moustachio.

The game does a great job in creating a believable world with it's own celebrities and graffiti.

10. Zombie Jimmy Gibbs, Jr.

In the intro to Dead Center, coach and Ellis talk about a famous racecar driver: Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. The zombie of a Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. only has a 5 percent chance of your chances of running into him are rare. 

  • Ellis is a particular fan of Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. as he even says: "If the laws of nature allowed it, I would bear that man's children."
  • Nick will yell "God damn you, Jimmy Gibbs, Jr." when you see him. 

Craving 'Left4Dead2?'

If you miss it, you can easily get it for cheap on Steam anytime Steam has a sale. Apparently, the people who own steam also own the Left4Dead series, so it's pretty much guaranteed that it will be on sale for every single one of Steam's sales. It's even compatible on Macs now...which actually surprised me.

Why 'Left4Dead2' is so amazing!

The original Left4Dead is pretty amazing too, but Left4Dead2 has the immersive storyline with more lovable characters. The sequel is like the polished off piece of artwork. It is the only first person shooter that I have ever personally fallen in love with and that has to mean something.

Not to mention, it is hilarious in multiplayer! Creating hours of endless fun with friends.

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Want to read more from NancyBlogs?

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If not, I also write lots of personal, political and some just plain fun blogs as well. Whatever it is that you're into, I've probably got a section in my blog forum for that. Don't be shy, send a message on my Facebook or tweet me on Twitter.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Left4Dead2'
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