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2017 Will Be the Year of Horror Games — Here's What to Watch Out For

Here are the games that will make 2017 one of the greatest years for the horror genre as a whole.

Survival Horror, Action Horror, and even First-Person Horror have all been genres that have flooded the gaming industry in the past decade. Horror is a genre that is easy to touch, but not easy to master. Seldom do we manage to see games that capture the essence of what it is to spur fear into the hearts of those who play them.

Games like Dead Space proved that action horror can survive, that it can scare those that play it. And, then, in turn you get games such as the always readily available Resident Evil VII: Beginning Hour that drives fear into the hearts of players.

With games such as Agony, Resident Evil VII, P.A.M.E.L.A., Allison Road (TBA), and even a newly announced one by the name of ROUTINE, horror is a genre that isn't going anywhere any time soon thanks to many of the developers out there. Because of this? We've decided to take a look at the games that will make 2017 one of the greatest years for the horror genre as a whole.

Let's get this ball rolling.

Routine by Lunar Studios - TBA (2017 is Likely)

Space, it's a place mankind has always been determined to master even though we've yet to master the depths of our own oceans. In Routine mankind has managed to build a Moon Base where the 80's vision of the future has become a reality. Your job on this base? Secure data, survive while uncovering the truth behind the Lunar Research Station's resident disappearances, and get away alive.

The upcoming title that has been in production for over four years has been receiving a heavy development cycle so that players can enjoy a non-linear experience. This will allow players to fully explore the Moon Base while enjoying a sense of full body awareness, deadzone aiming, no HUD, and o the idea of health bars. Want to have navigational help as well?

That's not there to guide you through this dark, creepy, and barren space station. Also, death is permanent, healing is not available, and this gives a sense of urgency for players as they work across multiple endings. Just remember - no one can hear you scream in space.

P.A.M.E.L.A. by NVYVE Studios (Q4 2016-Q1 2017)

Eden, the ultimate idea of what paradise is. With sights to behold, a place of beauty, and a place of immense tranquility, one would think this would be a place to cherish. What if one day your idea of paradise began to crumble around you . From the sprawling city environment, to the malls, to the lively nightclubs, something awaits exploration around every corner.

What if you were to awaken in a chamber you'd never seen before, fresh from your icy cocoon that was once your death sentence? What about that soothing voice that soothed you as you awaken to the chiming life of the new world around you. That voice? Your new friend, Eden's sentient artificial intelligence by the name of Pamela. It's because of here that you are no longer like her: trapped and alone in the place she once guarded.

As both are suffering, players will find Pamela aiding, guiding them, and soothing them until they meet their untimely death. Unfortunately, those around you are not so lucky. Their bones have shifted, their skin has cracked, and they are afflicted by an unknown cause of insurmountable pain. The weakest minds subdued faster while the stronger ones were found to only endure a bit longer. Can you escape without contracting it or will you remain a part of Eden? That is what NVYVE Studios wants to find out as players take to their game on PC. It's part of why this game has even made our previous lists.

Agony by Madmind Studio - Quarter 2, 2017

Hell, it's a place that we all see as a symbolism towards evil. A place where the most corrupt of heart, soul, and mind are torn apart for all of eternity - or as we know it as Agony. Announced as in development at Gamescom 2016, Agony is a title that will push players to their limits on what they can handle in a spiritual, in a mental, and in a fully psychological standpoint.

The game will pit players as a tormented soul as they traverse the darkened corridors of Hell that will trickle with blood, cackle with the movement of bones, and the screams of the tortured. It is a place where players will learn to possess the demons around them, to solve the puzzles that lay in wait for those willing to find them. Will you survive the horrors and free your soul from the confines of Hell's inner circles? Find out Quarter 2 of 2016.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard by Capcom - January 24th, 2017

Resident Evil is a franchise renown for its horrific approach to survival. It is known for its twists on zombies and bio-weaponry. It is also known for its approach to scaring the living Hell out of anyone that touched it once upon a time. With each title, the horror appeal dripped away to take on a more action-packed identity to now once more return to its use of abhorrent imagery.

Resident Evil VII picks up after the events of Resident Evil 6, in a modern day setting, but will feature players trying to survive in a derelict plantation mansion in rural America. The game will feature an entirely new cast never before seen within the franchise, but it will also be taking place in a survival horror matter in the first person aspect. While it will have loose connections to previous titles, it'll be an entirely new experience for both fans new and old. It'll also be the first game to carry both of the games titles in one full name. It is also becoming one of the most anticipated games of this generation.

Closing Thoughts on the Horror Titles of 2017

While there are plenty of titles coming out in 2017, what games are ones you are interested in? Are you excited for the ones listed? What are some you would suggest that aren't on this list?

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2017 Will Be the Year of Horror Games — Here's What to Watch Out For
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