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7 Days to Live

A comprehensive guide on how to survive night seven.

Firstly, if you've never played 7 Days to Die, I highly suggest you get the fuck on that. It is a survival, crafting, zombie game that is available on Steam, in which you must gather resources and supplies to build a base to survive the zombie horde that comes every seventh day. However, this guide here is actually to help newcomers to the game who might be having the issue of dying every seventh day. Stick with me and I'll cover some pro tips on how to beat night seven.

Here's how to survive the seventh night...

  1. I know night seven doesn't seem so bad, as it's relatively tame compared to later nights, but it's at the beginning of the game when you have little resources. My first tip starts when you load in. Always complete the basic survival quests on the side of the screen. We all know they're annoying as fuck and won't go away unless you do them, so you might as well do them. But more importantly, the last quest will show you the location of the trader. This is good information to have early on because it allows you to head towards it and build your base close to it.

  2. Before the end of the first day, cut down all the trees you see. I want your backpack to be bursting with wood. It is also a good idea to get a lot of stone and plant fibres. Come the end of the first day, build a tiny little shack, just big enough to hold you. You shouldn't encounter many zombies during the first night. So what you will do all night is craft wooden clubs and then scrap those wooden clubs. This will level them up as each new one will be higher level than the last. Provided you have enough stone and plant fibres, you can do the same with stone axes.

  3. When morning comes, find a place to build your base. Don't make it too big area-wise or it will require more traps to surround it. You can always build up. I typically go 6x6.

  4. Your next task is to find a town, a house, a campsite, anything you can. And just loot the shit out of it. Collect anything and everything, it will all be beneficial in some way. Your main goal is to find a cooking pot but a wrench is a huge bonus as well. Any clothes you find that you aren't going to wear can be sold to the trade for a few tokens. Any other supplies you can just keep in a chest in your house to use later.

  5. After you find a cooking pot, head out and hunt down all the animals. You want all the meat, the fat, the bones, and the hide. The hide can be used to make bellows for a forge. The fat can be turned into tallow for torches. The bones can be made into glue which can make duct tape and the meat is just for eating.

  6. Bring up the recipe for a forge and collect all of the required items. Some you will have to loot, but all are fairly easy finds. Building a forge will allow you to turn raw iron into usable iron. As well, with added clay, you can make forged iron which will make more powerful tools. Once you have a forge, you can begin to upgrade the walls of your house. You can choose to upgrade the wood with iron or you can replace it with brick or cobblestone; both of which can be upgraded to concrete later on. Brick and cobblestone are time-consuming, however, so if you choose that route, it's best to start by crafting enough, as that will take some time. In the interim, you can build traps.

  7. The wooden spikes are your best friends. You'll want to go with the ones that cost 100 wood. Pricey, I know, but worth it. They'll do significant damage to zombies. They're also easily fixed and replaced. However, they do take a long time to craft so I'd begin the process as early as you can. Once you have enough, which you never will, begin making a perimeter of spikes. Just keep looping around your house adding more and more layers. Make sure you leave a gap to get in and out and only fill it in when night seven comes. If you have a group of people to play with, I can suggest barbed wire fences along the outside of your defenses. They are very, very effective at slowing zombies down but do little damage so only really helpful if you have multiple people to shoot them while they're stuck.

  8. Make sure you loot every bird's nest you see. This will give you feathers for arrows and you'd be surprised how many you'll go through when the horde comes. As well, you can also find eggs which when paired with raw meat can make bacon and eggs. This will be a staple in your diet as it's easy to make, raises your wellness and is quite filling.

  9. Build an entrance to your roof. Also, if you haven't already built a second floor, do that. The second floor is where you should keep your campfire, your bed roll, your forge, pretty much everything. I don't like to leave anything on the first floor because zombies break down doors pretty quickly and can destroy anything you have down there.

  10. Make sure your ladders don't go all the way to the floor. Leave one block un-laddered. This stops zombies from climbing them and all you have to do is jump onto the ladder to climb it.

  11. Build a chest on you second floor that will house spares of your most basic supplies. Include wood, stone, plant fibres, medkit, bow, arrows, wooden club and some food and water. If you have a spare cooking pot, also add that. These supplies are in case you die during the night and can't access your backpack. I know this guide is supposed to be how to survive but it's always better safe than sorry.

  12. In a worst case scenario, where your base is not up to zombie standard come day seven, you can always build a tiny little house — the same size as the one you made the first night — and stay in there. As long as you have axes and wood, you can continue to repair the walls all night till the zombies go away. It's a bit of a lame method, but dying early on can really screw you up for later so it's worth a shot. Sometimes it's necessary if you know your base isn't going to hold. Sometimes things don't go to plan and you weren't able to collect all the things you needed to build a strong base, it happens. At least you have a fallback.

Hope these tips were a little bit helpful, and let me know if there are any tips you'd like to include. Happy gaming!