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A New Marvel Game Has Landed on Mobile and It Is Explosive!

'Marvel Strike Force' Lands on Mobile Devices With a Huge Array of Fan-Favourite Characters

FoxNext Games has just released its debut title. Marvel Strike Force is a heavy hitting, free-to-play, mobile game that is chock-a-block full with your favourite heroes and villains.

FoxNext, a gaming subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox (it’s in the name). The new studio was set up to allow Fox to integrate themselves deeper into the gaming industry as it will focus heavily on the development of Fox owned IP’s the likes of Alien and more.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Marvel Strike Force is all about collaboration. Heroes and villains battle alongside each other, shoulder to shoulder, in this no holds-barred, marvel masterpiece. It is free-to-play and available on both mobile devices and tablet. 

Yup, it’s time to save the Earth (again). Assemble your ultimate squad of superhero bad-asses and lead them in an assault against an all-new enemy, known as Kingpin. 

Choose from 70 marvel heroes and villains including the likes of, Groot, Loki, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Elektra, Captain America and many, many more.

Players will have to develop and upgrade their squad as they battle. Each battle will earn you points that you can apply to different skills, abilities and more. It is a turn-based game that incorporates real attractive looking cinematics and dynamic combo skill sets.

Chemistry and franchise synergy are also something to note when picking your squad. Depending on the relationship certain characters will link up and perform unique combos that otherwise would not be accessible. 

Despite having a pretty stellar campaign, the game does include a multiplayer, PvP mode. In this mode players can challenge other players, online, to 5 vs. 5 battles.

This is one that is great for gamers of all ilk’s but the Marvel enthusiast will certainly get more from this game as it ties into the franchise history and knowledge of the universe will allow players to link more unique combos when unlocking those hidden chemistry connections.

Marvel Strike Force is available, now, on iOS and Android. 

FoxNext will also take charge of all the companies virtual and augmented realty projects. The studio is reportedly already working on the Alien and Planet of the Apes IP’s and will be incorporating some sort of MR into these titles, I am sure.

It is also worth noting that FoxNext will be taking forward the production of The Simpsons: Tapped Out games on mobile devices and Sega’s, Alien: Isolation on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Peter Rice, Chairman and CEO of Fox Networks Group (including Twentieth Century Fox) said “We’re excited by the power of new technologies to drive the art of storytelling forward and we know we’ve only scratched the surface.”

The company will be extending its reach out to many more Fox owned IP’s in the future. With such a vast library of franchises and characters available to them it seems that the sky is the limit for FoxNext especially when they are able to experiment in the mixed realty realm.

“Extending our storytelling to new platforms in new ways is a constant focus for us as we look to build more touch points with consumers every day. Building on the momentum we’ve already seen in this area via the Fox Innovation Lab, FoxNext represents a natural next step in defining our long-term vision in this arena, and Salil is quite simply the perfect executive to build this group into what we know will be an industry leader.”

We can expect a to see a lot from this division of Fox. Stay tuned to Vocal for more.

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Tim Horton
Tim Horton

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A New Marvel Game Has Landed on Mobile and It Is Explosive!
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