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'APEX' Could Mark the End of 'Fortnite'

Will 'Fortnite' survive this trend?

We all know Fortnite is the most popular game almost ever! At least in pop culture. I never saw a game blow up like Fortnite and I believe Fortnite helped advance the gaming industry years in advance. Yes, you can say MindCraft was one of the first games to be really big and make gaming a norm in today's society. However, Fortnite is different in many ways. I have never seen a game that created more successful streamers like Ninja, Tfue, and TSM_Myth, just to name a few. Before, they were not highly recognizable names, but because of Fortnite, that completely changed they are now some of the biggest names not only on Twitch but even YouTube and Twitter. For example, Ninja has about 21 million followers on YouTube, Tfue has about close to 10 million, and TSM_Myth has about 4 million. I only named three people, but I can probably name you about fifty more people who became insanely successful just from Fortnite alone. 

Fortnite is so mainstream now that parents are asking Ninja and other streamers how they can get their kids into gaming for a living or creating content for YouTube or Twitch that is why I say Fornite has advanced the gaming industry at least five years in advance. There are currently about 200 million registered users in Fortnite. Yes, that does not mean they're all active, but damn, that is a lot of people considering that theirs about 590 million people in North America.

Fortnite Popularity Graph

BUT WAIT is this new Battle Royal that allows you to play characters who have unique abilities going to be the downfall of Fortnite? Will APEX Legends cause Fortnite to lose money and most of their streamers? I say yes because the game has blown up so fast with no advertisement and people especially people who have an influence on the majority of the gaming community are really enjoying APEX a lot, to the point where they are saying that it's way better than Fornite. People like Ninja even went almost a week without posting a Fortnite video it was all APEX. APEX had 25 million downloads in the first week alone, that is unheard of. Now imagine if they do advertising! Which I believe they started advertising now by sponsoring popular streamers to play there new Battle Royal so all their followers see the game and jump on what's hot. Now I do believe that APEX will be the downfall in active users playing Fortnite, but it won't kill it completely. However, I think the majority of their more mature audience will leave Fortnite for APEX. The younger portion of the community will most likely stay on Fornite, but that is my opinion, we will have to wait and see what the numbers tell us in the upcoming months.

APEX Cast of Characters

Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee

Hello Everyone I am a young model/actor trying to make it in this crazy world we all live in. I love to Wright about things I enjoy. so I am  going to write about a lot of things.Sports,Games,Fashion,dating all kinds of stuff.even marketing 

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'APEX' Could Mark the End of 'Fortnite'
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