Aaron Dennis

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Creator of the Lokians SciFi series, The Adventures of Larson and Garrett, The Dragon of Time series, and more.

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10 SNES Games You Don't Need to Play
11 days ago
I love the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It might be my favorite console. It boasts many of the more entertaining games available. Don’t get me wrong; I still pop in Skyrim and Fallout New Vega...
'Ultima VII, the Black Gate'
17 days ago
Ultima VII, the Black Gate, was originally released in April of 1992 by FCI/Pony Canyon. I don't know why, but I love the name Pony Canyon. The SNES port was released in 1994. Evidently, due to a lack...
'Ultima VI, The False Prophet'
25 days ago
The Ultima series has long since been around, but the first Ultima game I played was Ulima VI. It was originally released by Origin Systems Inc in 1990. It's also the third and final game in the "Age ...
'Rebelstar Tactical Command'
2 months ago
Fortunately, this isn’t Rebel Alliance…. Rebelstar TC is a sci fi, turn-based, strategy game, but it mixes action adventure elements in by allowing the characters to increase their special skills when...
'Vandal Hearts'
2 months ago
Vandal Hearts was released to the Playstation by Konami in 1996. It was later released to the Sega Saturn as well. Vandal Hearts was the first strategy game I ever played. I did play Ogre Battle on th...
'Archon' on the NES
2 months ago
You know what’s a neat game? Archon. This little game was released to numerous platforms, but the one I played, the only version I ever played, was on the NES. It was made by, like, eight guys. It’s s...