Achintha Dylan Cullum

Currently a Film Student based in Liverpool.

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Playing Games—the Genius of 'Persona 5'—Value for Money & Personal Thoughts
8 months ago
I have talked extensively on my thoughts on Persona 5 so it should come as no surprise that I have a certain fondness for the game. I first bought the game in February of 2018, and have sunk so many h...
Playing Games - The Genius of 'Persona 5' - A World View
8 months ago
Persona 5 is a game that I have been playing every day for the past six months without fail. It is without a doubt the only story based game that I have sunk so many hours into, and continue to do so....
Playing Games - The Genius of 'Persona 5' - Writing
8 months ago
I have alluded to the strength of the writing in Persona 5 previously—now it is what I am going to focus on specifically, primarily because I feel if the writing is not up to standard with the rest of...
Playing Games—The Genius of 'Persona 5'—Relatable
8 months ago
One of the greatest strengths when it comes to Persona 5 is the quality of all the characters involved. Ranging from the core members of the Phantom Thieves, the various enemies that you have to fight...
Playing Games - The Genius of 'Persona 5' - Take Your Time
10 months ago
"Take Your Time" is probably one of he most deceptive pieces of advice that I have ever gotten from a game. It almost gives you the feeling that the developers were genuine, yet at the same time were ...