Al Stover

I am a reporter at a weekly newspaper in Ritzville Washington. When I'm not running around the office, I play video games, write fantasy fiction and listening to podcasts. 

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A Quest to Capture Beldum
24 days ago
Pokemon trainers across the world, including myself, participated in the Pokemon Go October Community Day on Oct. 21—my first Community Day since moving back to Spokane Valley last month. The Pokemon ...
'D&D' Session Two - Faction Quests and a New House
a month ago
I had so much fun playing Dungeons and Dragons with the motley crew of buddies at the local mall, I decided to go back for a second session. This post is a brief synopsis of the adventure and contains...
My First Live D&D Game in 13 Years
a month ago
One of the goals I wrote down when I decided to move back home was to play Dungeons and Dragons with an actual group of players. I accomplished that task last Wednesday when I attended a D&D Encounter...
Bringing Vampire Characters into a 'D&D' Campaign
a month ago
One of the more powerful types of enemies players will encounter in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign are vampires. Whether they are the final boss of an adventure, or a random enemy who the party comes...
Go on a Journey with the Sirens of the Realms
4 months ago
In an effort to find more audio and video Dungeons and Dragons sessions to watch, I stumbled across Sirens of the Realms. Sirens of the Realms is a Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition play podcast prod...
How 'Critical Role' Changed My Perception of Playing DND Characters
5 months ago
It’s been years since I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons. I had many fond memories of playing with friends around the gaming table and helping my character progress in their abilities and power. I had a...