Al Stover

I am a reporter at a weekly newspaper in Ritzville Washington. When I'm not running around the office, I play video games, write fantasy fiction and listening to podcasts. 

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Go on a Journey with the Sirens of the Realms
3 months ago
In an effort to find more audio and video Dungeons and Dragons sessions to watch, I stumbled across Sirens of the Realms. Sirens of the Realms is a Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition play podcast prod...
How 'Critical Role' Changed My Perception of Playing DND Characters
3 months ago
It’s been years since I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons. I had many fond memories of playing with friends around the gaming table and helping my character progress in their abilities and power. I had a...
A Corehound Named Cingano
a year ago
Note this is not the exact picture of my mother’s core hound, but Cigano does look like it. My mother has been playing World of Warcraft since the game came out in 2006. Now, she’s not like most playe...