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I'm a massive superhero fan who loves to put my thoughts down in writing. Spider-Man is my favourite, but I'm also a lover of the Arrowverse. Follow me on twitter @AlexJHodgson

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New 'Tomb Raider' Movie Rips Scenes Right out of the Game — But Do Fans Want an Exact Adaptation from It?
2 days ago
The first trailer for the rebooted Tomb Raider film certainly has people excited. Unlike Angelina Jolie's forays into adapting the beloved character, the latest trailer seems to show a faithful recrea...
Could the 'Final Fantasy 7' Remake Be THE Definitive Version of the Game?
4 days ago
Word of warning: there may be some spoilers that people may wish to avoid. Right, I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 again of late, mainly since the remake was announced and it has got me thinking. I've been thinking about how the remake could be the best possible version of the game. I was never one of those fans who simply had to have the remake (I love the game as it is), but when I saw the announcement that the remake was in development, I was filled with joy. I was also filled with nostalgia...
Fact Or Fantasy?: 'Final Fantasy' Producer Addresses 6 Popular Fan Theories About The Video Game Series
5 days ago
The Final Fantasy series is one of the most successful video game series of all time. Stretching across 15 main series games and countless spin-offs, the series has became one of the leading forces in...
How The Music Of 'Final Fantasy' Inspires Me When I'm Feeling Down
5 days ago
The Grammys are upon us, so the team here at Creators Media have challenged us to write about music (which is quite funny as my last article was about music too!). We've been challenged to write about...
The 5 Weirdest Mini-Games In All Of Gaming History
5 days ago
Mini-games have been around for almost as long as video games themselves, going all the way back to the original Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros. 3 in the 1980s. They give players a chance to exper...
In Defense of 'Final Fantasy 13': Does This Game Deserve Its Reputation?
5 days ago
The Final Fantasy series is a highly popular video game series that some would argue revolutionised role-playing games as a genre. What makes them unique is that each game is individual, featuring a n...