Bill Shaffir

Lover of gangster films and worried about the future of artificial intelligence.

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The Best Gamers in the World Right Now
a year ago
Video games aren't just a fun way to kill time with your friends, and for many of the professional gamers in the world, it's a cutthroat way to make a living. Since the inception of video games, compe...
The Best Playstation 4 Games of 2017
a year ago
In a year filled with a ton of great games, the best Playstation 4 games of 2017 have clearly separated themselves from the rest of the pack. The PS4 has been long thought of as one of the elite video...
10 Best Games for New Gamers
a year ago
If you aren't a particularly well-versed gamer, playing video games can seem like a bit of a hassle. First, you have to acquire the gaming system (of which there are a ton), and then you have to figur...
Best Xbox One Role Playing Games
2 years ago
Role playing games, or RPG's, have always been among the most popular video games, because they take us right into the heart of the action. Many are among the best Xbox One games, period. They also co...