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How the 3dRudder Foot Motion Controller Is Changing VR Gaming
6 months ago
Every year, Virtual Reality tech and games edge closer and closer to widespread appeal. 2019 will bring about many new advancements in the space, like built in eye tracking, wireless headsets, and maybe even a killer app. There are still challenges yet to be solved on another front, though. Locomotion is still one of the most widely discussed matters when it comes to the longevity of VR gaming. While it isn't hard to convince someone to try VR out for a 15 minute demo, convincing someone to play...
10 Gifts for Pokemon TCG Fans
7 months ago
There are few things in nerd culture that are as timeless as Pokemon. The franchise includes the original trading card game, video games, anime series, movies, and so much more. If you need gifts for ...