Brian C.

I'm a father of 2 boys, I am mostly chugging through this life looking for a better way of providing for my family. The daily grind has become far too intrusive, impersonal and negligent for my liking, and I need to find a better way!

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To Twitch, or Not to Twitch...
19 days ago
We live in a world that has become so interconnected into our daily lives that it's often hard to imagine not having the conveniences of "Always Online" controlling our day to day activities. For some...
Somehow, My SNES Calls My Name Louder Than My Xbox One X
20 days ago
I wonder if our children will have the same reaction to current gen games as we have to our generation of games? To be clear, I am currently running an Xbox One X on a 75" OLED 4k screen, with a 1200 ...