C.C. Curtis

Enjoys lounging in NYC bars, loves traveling to foreign countries, and volunteers at the homeless shelter twice a month.

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Classic Video Games on the iPhone You Can Play
10 months ago
Most of our childhood consisted of the damn best video games in history. From Galaga to Tetris and Pac-Man, these are the video games that made our childhood so great. Kids these days truly don't unde...
Best Racing Video Games of All Time
a year ago
If you're like me and just love speeding down the freeway without a care or concern for the law — all, of course, inside of a video game universe — then you're a driving gamer, a virtual gearhead, or ...
Best Racing Games of 2017
a year ago
Aside from other video games such as fighting and shooting, racing games are pretty much up there on best types of video games. It's true — it's so much more different than any other because you're ac...