Caleb Sherman

Host of the Youtube series The Year in Gaming, Final Fantasy completionist, Real-Time Strategy lover and loser, massive fan of Dune and lover of horror movies.

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Let's Tank Akali | 'League of Legends'
4 months ago
Not everyone can be a tank, not everyone can survive a prolonged fight, some people are intended to get in and get out, and for many, fight or flight always terminates in flight. I'm of the opinion th...
The Allure of Strategy Games
4 months ago
Real-time strategy (RTS) games and turn-based strategy (TBS?) games have one major detail in common, they're all about money. One might assume when such a broad and vague statement is made, that the r...
The Death of 'Origin On the House'
4 months ago
Between the unveiling of The Sims 4's Seasons expansion, Battlefield V's closed alpha and some miscellaneous announcements about Unravel 2, Electronic Arts managed not to bring my attention to the fac...
'Banjo-Kazooie' N64 Review
6 months ago
When I first looked myself in the mirror and said “I want to do a review series of games from 20 years ago,” my mind mostly set on a handful of old games: Spyro the dragon series (for which I own ever...
2,000 Years of 'Final Fantasy'
10 months ago
Today I beat the first Final Fantasy (FF) game—albeit in the re-released Final Fantasy Origins for PlayStation 1 (PS1) format—and I feel accomplished. It's weird, I didn't really benefit anything from...
'Final Fantasy Tactics' PS1 Review
10 months ago
Nearly a year ago I said to myself, in a passing moment of genius or idiocy, that it would be a brilliant idea to sit down and play games that were released exactly 20 years ago, for a few hours, and ...