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Even More Hatred for 'Fallout 76'
18 days ago
Readers, I am quite depressed. I keep playing this game like I’m trying to Stockholm Syndrome myself into loving it. Currently, the servers are down for more maintenance only two days after the last 4...
'Fallout 76': More Bad than Good (a Review)
21 days ago
You know how much I love waiting for games to download and install? Almost as much as I love waiting for day-one patches. I swear to Beelzebub, if Fallout 76 requires an immediate update after so much...
Top 5 Most Overrated Video Games of the Recent Decade
a month ago
If Pablo Picasso had painted eight pieces of the exact same subject and background, and tried to profit off a museum full of just that same painting over and over again, he'd be forcibly committed, or...
Top 5 Worst Escort Missions in Horror Games
a month ago
In horror games, you're already trying to escape infinite peril, but some game developers decided that survival of one character isn't enough. The only companions I have no issues with are dogs becaus...
The Top 7 Most WTF 'Silent Hill' Puzzles
a month ago
There's a term gamers use to define the silly arduous puzzles we encounter in games: A "moon logic" puzzle. They are the puzzles that are poetic and metaphoric than practical. When it comes to moon lo...
Five Tips for Completing Time-Trials/Speed-Runs
a month ago
Sometimes I wonder if hurting yourself to get achievements/trophies counts as self-harm. What is with the human psyche's desire to make itself suffer for meaningless medallions? I'm honestly not that ...