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'We Happy Few': A Happy Review... Maybe
a month ago
What in the hell was this game's development like? It was an Early Access title for two years. I have already made a post about this, but I will reiterate: I am not going to pay full-price for an unfi...
My Top 10 Scariest Monsters in Gaming
a month ago
"What in fresh hell is that?"a gamer might proclaim.For it is neither an animalNor a beast they can name. Yeah, don't worry, I won't be doing that the whole article. I've had way too many lollipops le...
5 Tropes We Can Always Expect in Zombie Games
a month ago
Ah, everyone loves a good zombie game, though quite a few will audibly groan when they see yet another zombie game in the works from the trailers at E3. Sometimes annihilating human enemies and Eldrit...
5 Gameplay Mechanics in Horror Titles Nobody Wanted
a month ago
I don't get people that are so adamant about making their horror games "realistic." I know if I actually encountered a zombie hoard, they'd be already picking my sinews out of their undead teeth. When...
Betas are Not the Same as Demos
a month ago
I'm sure you'll forgive me for laughing at those complaining about the bugs in the Fallout 76 beta release. But honestly, it's like paying for half-cooked burger and complaining that you got botulism....
5 Levels Everyone Loves/Hates in Horror Games
a month ago
Because not all gamers are created equal in their play styles. Some of you actually like sneaking around monsters and not barreling through them like a bull in a bull shop. Yes, that made sense. What ...