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Top 5 Most Overrated Video Games of the Recent Decade
3 months ago
If Pablo Picasso had painted eight pieces of the exact same subject and background, and tried to profit off a museum full of just that same painting over and over again, he'd be forcibly committed, or...
Top 5 Worst Escort Missions in Horror Games
3 months ago
In horror games, you're already trying to escape infinite peril, but some game developers decided that survival of one character isn't enough. The only companions I have no issues with are dogs becaus...
The Top 7 Most WTF 'Silent Hill' Puzzles
3 months ago
There's a term gamers use to define the silly arduous puzzles we encounter in games: A "moon logic" puzzle. They are the puzzles that are poetic and metaphoric than practical. When it comes to moon lo...
Five Tips for Completing Time-Trials/Speed-Runs
3 months ago
Sometimes I wonder if hurting yourself to get achievements/trophies counts as self-harm. What is with the human psyche's desire to make itself suffer for meaningless medallions? I'm honestly not that ...
'We Happy Few': A Happy Review... Maybe
3 months ago
What in the hell was this game's development like? It was an Early Access title for two years. I have already made a post about this, but I will reiterate: I am not going to pay full-price for an unfi...
My Top 10 Scariest Monsters in Gaming
3 months ago
"What in fresh hell is that?"a gamer might proclaim.For it is neither an animalNor a beast they can name. Yeah, don't worry, I won't be doing that the whole article. I've had way too many lollipops le...