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My Top 10 Scariest Monsters in Gaming
6 months ago
"What in fresh hell is that?"a gamer might proclaim.For it is neither an animalNor a beast they can name. Yeah, don't worry, I won't be doing that the whole article. I've had way too many lollipops le...
5 Tropes We Can Always Expect in Zombie Games
6 months ago
Ah, everyone loves a good zombie game, though quite a few will audibly groan when they see yet another zombie game in the works from the trailers at E3. Sometimes annihilating human enemies and Eldrit...
5 Gameplay Mechanics in Horror Titles Nobody Wanted
6 months ago
I don't get people that are so adamant about making their horror games "realistic." I know if I actually encountered a zombie hoard, they'd be already picking my sinews out of their undead teeth. When...
Betas are Not the Same as Demos
6 months ago
I'm sure you'll forgive me for laughing at those complaining about the bugs in the Fallout 76 beta release. But honestly, it's like paying for half-cooked burger and complaining that you got botulism....
5 Levels Everyone Loves/Hates in Horror Games
6 months ago
Because not all gamers are created equal in their play styles. Some of you actually like sneaking around monsters and not barreling through them like a bull in a bull shop. Yes, that made sense. What ...
Why Are Horror Games So Horrible These Days?
6 months ago
Maybe I’m just reaching my final metamorphosis as an unimpressionable, desensitized, psychopathic skeptic. Or maybe the state of American politics is far more horrifying than game developers can dream...