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Why Are Horror Games So Horrible These Days?
a month ago
Maybe I’m just reaching my final metamorphosis as an unimpressionable, desensitized, psychopathic skeptic. Or maybe the state of American politics is far more horrifying than game developers can dream...
The 10 Most Horrifying Moments of 'Silent Hill' History
a month ago
Well, the Halloween season is among us. Who’s ready to overdose on fun-size Snickers? I am. Also, who’s in the mood for some spooky game moments? Also, me. I’m going to let you know something—I’m a wi...
5 Horror Game Clichés I Wish Game Developers Would Stop Using
a year ago
SPOILER WARNINGS: Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill 2, Outlast 2, Resident Evil 6, The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2 A trope is defined by good ole as "more about conveying a concept to...
5 Horror Games with Hard Modes That Add to the Terror
a year ago
What exactly changes within a game when you increase the difficulty? The enemies have more health, the protagonist has less health and takes more damage, the boss fights take longer to complete. But s...
Horror Games: From Niche to Nonsense
a year ago
Maybe I've become too desensitized over the years to enjoy modern "horror" games. Lately, I've just felt that such games have either fit into two categories: "cliche horror trope bingo" and/or "trying...