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'Fortnite: Season 9' Review
a month ago
Season 9 is now finally upon us, bringing a new range of skins, emotes, and wraps, as well as a new futuristic theme. The new season has new things to explore, including a new weapon and two new locat...
Season 8 Pilot Review
3 months ago
The time has come again for me to do my official review of Fortnite's latest season. I did one for Season 7 and now Season 8 gets its turn. In this review I shall be looking at the Map Changes, Battle...
'Fortnite': Season 7 Review
6 months ago
On December 6, the seventh season of the worldwide famous game of Fortnite was released and this is my review on it. Being a regular player of this game I have got positives and negatives of the curre...
Games That Time Forgot
6 months ago
We all know a video that we know and love. But, when it comes to telling a friend about it, they have no idea what game you are going on about. There are many reasons why a game is unknown or forgotte...
Best Childhood Video Games
7 months ago
WARNING: Nostalgia trip! The best memories of being a child is the memory of coming home from school or waking up on the weekend, getting your favourite snacks, energy drinks, shutting your bedroom do...
'Resident Evil' WTF? Moments
8 months ago
If you're a massive fan of Capcom's horror series Resident Evil like me then you will know there are a lot of things that defy logic in this game: ranging from a man punching a boulder to some questio...