Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy is a care assistant from Oxfordshire with a passion for writing, travelling and gaming. Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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Zelda's Female Empowerment
16 days ago
The Legend Of Zelda is one of the most well known franchises in the world of gaming. Almost everyone knows about the story of a young boy in green called Link who slays Ganon and saves Princess Zelda....
Samus Aran's Female Empowerment
16 days ago
Samus Aran is the original femme fatale of Nintendo. Often referred as the first playable female character in gaming, the intergalactic bounty hunter has been a character of great interest to me. I wa...
Bayonetta's Female Empowerment
a month ago
I've come across many articles and videos about feminism and video games mixed together, but they always seem to have a very bitter undertone to it. Instead, some of these great characters are being l...
How to Save Everyone in 'The Letter'
a month ago
The Letter is a 2017 Indie visual novel by Yangyang Mobile. It's well-praised for its well written characters, horror elements, tragic true ending, and scary ghost that everybody calls Cuddles. It's o...
'The Cat Lady'
4 months ago
I've played many games varying from different genres. And each time I discover a game that I like, I feel that the world of gaming is truly expanding. Some of these different genres and type of games ...
The Letter Guide: Zachary x Hannah Route
5 months ago
Introduction! The Letter is one of the most complex and well-written visual novels that I've ever come across. What was once a humble Kickstarter project has proven to be a masterpiece, at least in my opinion. The choices in this game are incredible, with over 32 routes possible. Not only do they cater to most shipping tastes, but they also prioritise character development over romance. The true ending is beautifully tragic, but despite this being a horror story, you can still have your happy en...