Christina Scanlon

37 year old introvert and professional procrastinator. I love video games and writing as it is therapy for my mental illness. I hope you read my stories and share them with your friends!

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'Critical Role' Kickstarter Hits $7.5 Million in 48 Hours
a month ago
I’m a special kind of nerd: One that obsesses over things such as Doctor Who, World of Warcraft, Destiny, etc. Once I get to liking something, you can’t shut me up about it. I’d like to introduce you ...
Bungie Hits It Out of the Park with 'Season of the Drifter'
a month ago
Recently, Bungie’s hit game Destiny 2 released their new season of content titled Season of the Drifter. This DLC is packed with activities ranging from their hit PVE/PVP activity “Gambit” to their an...
Who Says 'Destiny 2' Is a Dead Game?
3 months ago
I’m a gamer. I was there when the original Nintendo first came out, and I remember begging my parents for a Super Nintendo when that was announced. It was something that I had to have. I remember play...