Christina Scanlon

37 year old introvert and professional procrastinator. I love video games and writing as it is therapy for my mental illness. I hope you read my stories and share them with your friends!

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Bethesda Game Studios Is Digging Themselves a Grave
a month ago
Bethesda Gaming company, best known for titles such as the Elder Scrolls series and the Fallout franchise seems to be in hot water yet again. Seems they can now add plagiarism to the ever-growing list...
'Critical Role' Kickstarter Hits $7.5 Million in 48 Hours
3 months ago
I’m a special kind of nerd: One that obsesses over things such as Doctor Who, World of Warcraft, Destiny, etc. Once I get to liking something, you can’t shut me up about it. I’d like to introduce you ...
Bungie Hits It Out of the Park with 'Season of the Drifter'
3 months ago
Recently, Bungie’s hit game Destiny 2 released their new season of content titled Season of the Drifter. This DLC is packed with activities ranging from their hit PVE/PVP activity “Gambit” to their an...
Who Says 'Destiny 2' Is a Dead Game?
5 months ago
I’m a gamer. I was there when the original Nintendo first came out, and I remember begging my parents for a Super Nintendo when that was announced. It was something that I had to have. I remember play...