Christopher Roome

Hail friend! I'm 22 and living in England. I have a degree in Global Studies, History and Politics... None of which I will be writing about. I love gaming, reading and watching films. Favourite Film: LOTR Trilogy. Fave game: Witcher 3

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Nostalgia Trip - The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
a year ago
Oblivion hit me in all the right spots. Despite coming out way back in March 2006, it does not feel dated. Its vast visual appeal and genuine high-fantasy setting remain incredibly captivating. I spen...
Handsome Jack – The Best Game Villain Ever?
a year ago
Potential spoilers for any who have not completed Borderlands 2. So I will just admit right off the bat that I am a big fan of Handsome Jack (edit: very big understatement, consider revising at a late...