Craig House

Creative entrepreneur, freelance designer and all round business savvy youth. 

Forget the MCU, It’s All About the MGU
a month ago
It has seen Marvel transform from a comic book company struggling to keep afloat into an entertainment titan. However, one goldmine has yet to be tapped fully is the world of gaming. Early in the MCU’s life, there were a few movie tie-in games produced; but in recent years, that trend in the video game industry has all-but died out. Now Marvel, instead of looking at producing games based on their movies, are branching out into exclusive re-imaginings for the Playstation 4. So what has happened s...
Looking Back: Old & New 'Star Wars' Games
2 months ago
Over the years there have been many games that have been released on PC and console-based on Star Wars, with some really hitting the market, but others somewhat falling flat. So what were some of the hits? And where were the missteps?
Coming Soon to a Console Near You
3 months ago
With E3 just around the corner, the hype train is arriving at the station as companies get ready to showcase the latest titles and tech which they hope will become the next big thing. This has inevitably induced a little bit of excitement in us all as we wonder just what it is that might be on our gaming horizons. So, what announcements are expected at E3, and what do we already know? Will there be any major changes coming our way, and what innovations will E3 reveal?