Crimson Velvet

I enjoy playing video games and doing things that help me live longer like breathing, standing up right and eating food.

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Crimson's Review of 'Sonic the Hedgehog 3' Plugged into 'Sonic and Knuckles'
17 days ago
A lot of Sega Genesis owners think this is a great and fantastic game that has several hours of play time, and well... they're right! There are definitely some pros and cons to this game, so let's go ...
Crimson's 'Fallout New Vegas' Review
a month ago
This game definitely has its own brand of charm going for it. Being a Fallout game, it's definitely got the survival and post-apocalyptic feel down, but it also has a wild west element to it that adds...
Crimson's 'Fallout Shelter' Review
a month ago
Most mobile games are just a grind fest of mindless gathering of resources and this game isn't really that much of an exception. Figuring out the strategy to keep the vault running is pretty fun, but ...