Daniel Kathory

Hello! My name is Daniel Kathory, or at least you can call me that. I'm an aspiring writer and I wish to gain experience, and maybe money, in the world of writing, and I'll be writing articles that pertain to my interests. I hope you enjoy.

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'Stardew Valley': The Epitome of Chill
4 months ago
Have you ever had the sudden feeling to just break away from where you are in life and just disappear off the grid in order to find yourself? That question may seem extremely specific, but you'd be su...
'Fallout 76' and Why You Probably Won't like It
5 months ago
Bethesda Games is a company well known for its open world games that just seem to take the world by storm when they're released. There's barely a person on this planet who, with even a semblance of kn...