Destiny Smith

Writing is one of the few constants I've had throughout my life, and Vocal seemed like the perfect opportunity to put it all somewhere. 

My KH3 Wish
8 months ago
You know what I really want in Kingdom Hearts 3? I want the girls looking out for each other. I want the first words on a restored Namine’s lips to be of Xion. Of the girl who had been forced into a t...
Bringing Your Character to Life
a year ago
Perhaps the most intimidating part of any D&D session is getting into character and actually roleplaying. This is especially true for beginners. There's no cheat sheet or instruction manual for how to...
Take the Shovel Back, I’m Not Burying Her: An Open Letter to Dontnod Entertainment
a year ago
Dear Dontnod, I’m really tired of seeing dead lesbians in media. When I say this, I don’t mean that I’m sad about the creative choices that have happened in recent media, or even that I’m heartbroken ...