Earl Grey

I'm a 25 year old freelancer. Self taught in Web Development (HTML/CSS/PHP) and an enthusiast for sharing thoughts and information.

Twitter @EarlGreyNT

Contact: [email protected]

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Greatest PC Games of the Era
7 months ago
I will be looking at the games that sapped hundreds of hours out of my childhood with each and every hour feeling like an adventure into another world! Here is my top 5 list:
World Building
7 months ago
Building a world is something that can draw me in for months at a time. There are so many possibilities and the work is never quite done. In your world, you can make anything possible with a little im...
First Look into Game Development
7 months ago
Game development from the outside looks straight forward. Come up with some game mechanics (How the game should be played and features players would like) add some story to it and fill it in with artw...