Eden Roquelaire

Eden is a writer, comedian, artist, musician, and model. She has her own blog focusing on the works of David Lynch: https://garmonblogzia.wordpress.com/

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5 Important Details from the Game Awards 2017 'Death Stranding' Trailer
6 months ago
The 2017 Game Awards saw the release of the third and, thus far, most revelatory trailer for Hideo Kojima's enigmatic forthcoming game, Death Stranding. Fans of Kojima's work have been eager to figure...
'Bendy and the Ink Machine' Theory: What Happened to Sammy?
8 months ago
Warning: Contains spoilers for Chapter 3. Don't read until you are all caught up! Since its release back in February 2017, Bendy and the Ink Machine has become an indie hit online. Gamers have loved d...
'Death Stranding' Theory: Who is Mads Mikkelsen?
9 months ago
With so much hype for Death Stranding and so little information on what it is actually about and no release date yet, all fans can do is speculate. Creator Hideo Kojima, luckily, loves to leave trails...
'BioShock Infinite' Theory: Is Anna in the Crib?
9 months ago
Note: Spoilers for the ending of BioShock: Infinite. If you haven't finished it already, get on that! It's amazing. One of the biggest debates among BioShock: Infinite fans is the final ending to the ...