Edward Anderson

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Character Growth
5 months ago
Last year, I was invited to join a Dungeon and Dragons campaign that my friend DMed. It seemed like fun and a way to stretch my imagination, perhaps even learn a new skill (or genre in this case). Aft...
Writer Create Thy Self
5 months ago
"You have such great characterization." That's a compliment I get a lot for my novels and short stories. Part of that is because going into a story, I know who the characters are, and their complete b...
Shooting for the Stars... And Missing
6 months ago
"Fortify Avalon!" Words that were as shocking as they were perplexing to me on a Friday night. Gone were the cries of Lil' Jon crying for us to go from the window to the wall. I didn't know what that ...
My Journey to Gaming
6 months ago
This time last year, I scoffed at those who played Dungeons and Dragons, and outside of a few encounters that are best not talked about here, those who played video games were not looked at kindly. Th...