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I am a freelance eSports writer, currently writing about The Overwatch League and the Overwatch Path to Pro.

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'Apex Legends: a Rising eSport'
4 months ago
In a surprise move, EA games announced a brand new, free to play battle royale game that was to launch the very next day. Apex Legends which was created by Respawn, launched with a bang. Toppling Fort...
Overwatch Contenders Trials: China Wrap-Up
4 months ago
As the tournament opened, it was hard to tell how teams matched up. Many of the teams were relatively unknown. Many of the players were unknown, some, seasoned veterans, including three former Shangha...
Laboratory Play Full Series with Only 5 Players
5 months ago
It is not clear why Laboratory were missing a member through the series. It is reported that Fengyan (徐政枫) quit the team midway through the previous match, forcing Laboratory to play Xepher on every m...
Contenders Trials China—Day 1 Breakdown (Matches 1 and 2)
5 months ago
Contenders trials has started once again. China is the region to kick it all off with plenty of fresh faces and a few returning veterans. Trials will be a fierce competition to see who can win the two...