Gannon Kendrick

Studying game developer and artist. Writes occasionally. 

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Five Improvements 'Minecraft' Needs
10 months ago
When people offer ways to make this game better, some common solutions include more building blocks, more ores, vertical slabs, more mobs, and so forth. It is true that more ores might make mining mor...
5 Pokemon Gimmicks That Didn't Stick
10 months ago
A lot of people don't realize, but the Pokemon franchise was actually revolutionary when it first made waves in the gaming industry, not necessarily in sales (though those were pretty good, I suppose)...
'Battle for Azeroth's' Cutscene Problem
a year ago
Blizzard's cinematics are some of the best in the industry, from the hype-inducing animations released before the start of every World of Warcraft expansion to the new story and character cinematics r...