George Herman

Call me a nerd, that’s what I am: Star Wars fanatic, Grand Theft Auto champion, comic book connoisseur, and a long-time lyricist. So, call me a nerd, but that’s not all I am!

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Best Cyberpunk Video Games
a year ago
What is cyberpunk? That's a very good question, and I'm glad you asked. The genre, concept, or setting as it's often referred to, mostly dates back to around the 1960s and 1970s, give or take, stemmin...
Worst Video Games Based on TV Shows
a year ago
I'm not too sure who came up with the idea in general, but TV or movie tie-ins are never a good idea and are always viewed with a mixture of scorn and annoyance on release. The best games to play on t...
Best Nintendo Switch Games Coming Out in 2018
a year ago
The new era of gaming is here: meet the Nintendo Switch, a form of the PSP well beyond its time, which takes portable gaming to a whole new and more exciting realm of playability and functionality. Ni...
Worst Superhero Video Games Ever Made
a year ago
The all-too familiar genre of movie tie-ins never make it big on the market. Plus, in all likelihood, it's safe to say that the developers behind these god awful superhero video games weren't even try...
Best Gifts for Your Gamer Boyfriend
a year ago
It's not easy picking out gifts for your gamer boyfriend, even if you're a gamer yourself. They're expensive, tend to last a short while before being ignored, and often just take up space on your ener...
Best Video Game Catchphrases of All Time
a year ago
Who can forget their most cherished memories from beloved games of old, like the catchphrase-filled Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, or even the likes of say Duke Nukem and Gears of War? Some of the great...