Greg DeSantis

Greg DeSantis is a student writer, currently attending The College of New Jersey. Greg is a passionate thinker who loves to learn and create

The 10 Most Inappropriate Video Games Ever Made
8 months ago
There will always be a moral debate concerning the influence that inappropriate video games may have on users; such as increased aggression, sexuality, and drug use. Contrary to an inappropriate film,...
10 Point and Click Adventures We Miss
9 months ago
As time passes, video games are becoming more and more advanced. There is a lot of good that comes from these advancements; games are more complex, vivid, and intricate than ever before. Console games...
Best Gaming Desktops in 2018
10 months ago
Before we dive into our list, we must recognize the advancements of technology before deciding what type of gaming system you are looking for. To do so, let's highlight some components to pay attentio...