Hugo Clarke

I have worked alongside game translators and developers as localization manager for Playism in Japan. Now I'm back in the UK with all this Brexit confusion, hunting for cool games and practising Bach fugues.

Remakes: Celebrating the Classics or Milking Them Dry?
9 months ago
Remake or Remaster? Remakes are NOT remasters. Same species, different breed. (Skip this part if you know what I’m talking about.) Remaster means to touch up the visual quality of game, resurfacing te...
Uniting Aesthetic and Gameplay: 'Devil May Cry'
9 months ago
Devil May Cry. From its finely-tuned mechanics to its crazy camera angles, I’m going to examine how great artistic direction facilitates (and sometimes hinders!) the gaming experience.
Trophies - How They Insult Your Intelligence
10 months ago
Trophies! Most gamers I’ve met love them, and as we tend not to be the most athletic of types it comes as no surprise that being awarded something shiny for once feels… rather good. On some platforms ...