Jack Tinmouth

Mid-twenties aspiring writer. Keen on books, coffee, desserts, films and crime shows. Thoroughly unmodern. Spending life stuck in that moment of time between triumph and catastrophe. Quite gay.

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So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Sinnoh
2 years ago
With the advent of the Nintendo DS console came a new raft of Pokémon games, beginning with the Diamond and Pearl. These games saw the return of features like the real time clock (last seen in Gold an...
So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Hoenn
2 years ago
Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and their remakes as Omega, Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire are fantastic games that introduced a whole host of new Pokémon to fans of the franchise, as well as one of the most overpo...
So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Johto
2 years ago
Next in the series of Pokémon games is the Johto based games, Gold and Silver. One major difference with these compared to other games in the Pokémon franchise is that there are sixteen badges to coll...
So You Want to Be a Pokémon Master? - Kanto
2 years ago
For the last twenty years, Pokémon has been an ever-present force for Nintendo and Game Freak as well as having an equally prolific run on TV and film. I've pretty much grown up with this franchise an...
Death of a Dynasty
2 years ago
It was what everyone considered to be unthinkable. A repeat of last year's World Championship final. Another win to be chalked up by the perennial Korean powerhouse that is SK Telecom T1. It all seeme...