Jacob Elyachar

Jacob Elyachar is an award-winning journalist, pop culture fanatic, and social media lover. He writes for both jakes-take.com and Vocal. When he is not writing, Elyachar does CrossFit, listens to music, and volunteers in his community.

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A Tale of Two "Marvel Ultimate Alliances"
a year ago
Two years after X-Men: Legends 2-Rise of Apocalypse, Activision and Raven Software created the most ambitious Marvel video game yet. After two successful games with the X-Men and the inclusion of both...
How X-Men Legends Changed Superhero Games
a year ago
13 years ago, video game publisher Activision and developers Raven Software and Barking Lizards teamed up to bring one of Marvel's signature superhero franchises to life. The result of their work was ...
Gamers Salutes the Best N64 Games of All-Time
a year ago
It is hard to believe that in September, Nintendo’s iconic game console, the N64, will celebrate its 21st birthday in North America. Throughout its seven years in the retail market, 32.93 million unit...
Gamers Reveals Its Pokemon Elite Eight
a year ago
Last week, Gamers revealed its elite lineup of Pokemon Gym Leaders from the video game franchise. This week, Gamers is super-sizing the Pokemon’s Elite Four and transforming the influential trainers’ ...
Gamers Reveals Its Ultimate Pokemon Gym Leader Line-up
a year ago
It has been nearly 21 years since Pokemon took the United States by storm. From starting out in Pallet Town in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to traveling around the Alola region in Pokemon Sun & Moon,...