Jake Frommer

Avid game designer from a very progressive family.

Best VR Games for PS4
10 days ago
While virtual reality presence in gaming continues to push out of being a “gimmick” and into a full-fledged experience, the bar for quality and innovation is being raised constantly. With Sony’s PlayS...
Top Nintendo 3DS LEGO Games
14 days ago
For years now, the Lego video game series has infused classic stories with over the top humor and fun couch co-op. With new installments every year, and more features added, there seems to be no end i...
Saddest Video Game Moments
3 months ago
The loss of a character or a belief in a game is a distinct feeling. It carries a different sort of weight than a loss in film or television. A player is not simply a spectator, watching with no auton...