Jamie Papworth

I'm a chatty creative from the UK with a tendency for brutal honesty and a passion found in music & words. I write video game and movie reviews, and I occasionally waffle a bit about the various faculties of life in general.

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'Final Fantasy XV' - Episode Prompto Review
7 days ago
Now, I’m not going to sit and pretend that I had much hope for this new extension to Final Fantasy XV’s JRPG experience. Following the disappointing performance of Episode Gladiolus, my expectations f...
Final Fantasy XV - Episode Gladiolus Review
9 days ago
As far as the latest numbered addition to the historic fantasy JRPG franchise is concerned, revolutionary gameplay is the name of the game… figuratively speaking. Following Final Fantasy XV’s dramatic...
The "Finance & Felony" of 'Grand Theft Auto Online'
9 days ago
The single most divisive feature of Grand Theft Auto V isn't in its graphics or its gameplay; it isn't the unforgiving ferocity of the San Andreas law enforcement or the relentless repetition of overp...