Jared Williams

I just enjoy writing my thoughts down. No one knows who may be interested.

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8Bitdo's SN30 and FC30 Pro Controller Overview
9 months ago
8Bitdo is a reputable company that is known for its controllers and gadgets video game players like myself love to use. They’ve created different things like classic styled controllers, wireless recei...
Nintendo Direct: 3-18-18 Thoughts and Feelings
9 months ago
Nintendo always knows how to answer questions, but always leave us asking more. I’m not saying that’s a good or bad thing, but this Direct really emphasized that feeling for me. As I personally expect...
'Persona 5' Overview
a year ago
Let’s talk for a second about one my favorite games ever, Persona 5. Let me just start off by saying that just because you haven’t played another Persona game, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Persona 5, ...