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I'm a SoCal based photographer and freelance writer with a love for everything nerdy. 

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Bandai Namco Is Opening A VR Arcade In Tokyo This Month
2 years ago
Japan has always been in the forefront of electronics and it looks as if they're upping their game yet again with the opening of an all VR arcade this April in Tokyo, Japan. VR Zone: Project i Can is ...
Everything You Need To Know From Uncovered: 'Final Fantasy XV'
2 years ago
I'll be honest, I'm still freaking out. A lot of information was thrown at me last night during Square Enix's Uncovered event, and it had Final Fantasy fans understandably excited about a lot of thing...
'Final Fantasy XV Deluxe' And 'Ultimate Collector's Edition' Are Available
2 years ago
As of March 30 at 9:00 p.m. PST, Final Fantasy XV: Deluxe Edition and Final Fantasy XV: Ultimate Collector's Edition have been made available for pre-order. Square Enix announced their availability du...
Mirror's Edge Catalyst Shows Off Its Moves
2 years ago
Yesterday, EA Dice released two videos highlighting some of the cool stuff we can expect in their upcoming follow up to their hit game Mirror's Edge. The first video is called 'Movement' and it's exac...
'No Man's Sky' Is Finally Coming Out Soon!
2 years ago
For those who've been in limbo since Hello Games' near radio silence after E3, it's finally time to get pumped again. Sean Murray of Hello Games has announced today that No Man's Sky finally has a rel...
New Update Will Let You Play Games on PC or MAC
2 years ago
Sony announced today that they're coming out with a new update for the PS4's software. Software update 3.50, codenamed Musashi, will be bringing PS4 remote play to your PC or MAC. There's no release d...