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Hi, I'm Jerrica and welcome to my diary. Questions? Want more input? Want to request my opinion? Want mw to write for you? Email me: [email protected]

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'Overwatch' Is Over Party
17 days ago
I know I said the beloved "most played" game of Overwatch was a mess about a year ago, but now it's done for. With all of the unbalanced trash in the game I really don't see how people even continue t...
Why 'Fortnite' Should End
18 days ago
Alright, before anyone gets their bloomies in a twist, I should say I have been exclusively playing this game consistently for about five months and played it a few times last December. So, that means...
Overwatch Is a Mess
7 months ago
I wasn't going to say anything about this game, but it looks like I'm going to have to. Overwatch is nearly complete garbage. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the game for a while, but it's getting to...
Why 'Rainbow Six Siege' Is Broken
10 months ago
Something that grinds my gears about Rainbow Six, even though it's been out for nearly two years, is that it's not even close to being a great game when it should be already. So below I'll just name a...